Hen vs. Incubator…

…and the Hen won!  Recently we purchased our first incubator.  We thought we were ready, we got the fan and turner installed and started collecting eggs.  We put 30 eggs in the incubator and hoped for the best.

At the last minute we decided to allow our broody hen to sit on a clutch of 6 eggs and see how the hatch rates would compare.  We watched the temperature and humidity closely in our incubator, and kept an eye on the broody hen as she went into a deep trance protecting her clutch.

Twenty one days later the results were in.  Sadly, our first try at the incubator was not successful; only two eggs hatched.  And Ms. Broody?  She hatched 5 out of 6!  Great job!!  Although it was our first time using our incubator, we certainly expected a better hatch rate than this.  We haven’t given up tough.  We have already started planning for how to prepare for a more successful second try.

For now we are thoroughly enjoying watching Ms. Broody and her sweet little chicks!