Black Raspberry Jam

One of our favorite activities at Fordell Farm is creating homemade jams!  In May it is fresh Strawberry jam, now it’s June and time for Black Raspberry.  We are fortunate to have our own Black Raspberry bushes so it is extra special to us.  For many of the other jams and butters, strawberry, peach, pear, apple, we must buy fresh produce from local farms or orchards.  What ever the flavor, we love making it!Blackberries 2012

Today we made our first batch of Black Raspberry jam for 2017.  We use our own berries and run them through the food mill so that we have a seedless product!  The other great thing about using the food mill is that it takes the seeds out, but leaves the pulp of the berries behind.  Plus all of our jams are low sugar!

I hope to find some local blueberries and peaches soon and next month will be time for blackberries!  Stay tuned for more jam updates!

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