Blueberry Jam??

Yes!  We made Blueberry jam!   Last week we were very fortunate to be able to pick blueberries from a local source….my son’s blueberry patch in Staunton….and try our hand at our first batch of blueberry jam.

Blueberry jam does require a lot of fresh blueberries- about 10 cups.  Followed by a lot of cleaning to remove all the stems and leaves.  A lot of rinsing and one spin in the food processor and we were ready to go!

Success!  We finished with 9 beautiful jars of low sugar blueberry jam.  And the really great news is that it tastes scrumptious!   If you love Black Raspberry jam I think Blueberry will be right up your alley too!

All our delicious jams are  low sugar.  We pride ourselves on giving you fresh local fruit you can taste in the jam.  We currently have Strawberry, Black Raspberry, and now Blueberry available.  We are not at the Stanton farmers market this year, but you’re welcome to stop by the farm and pick up a jar anytime.

Peach jam is just around the corner too!

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