About us

Randy and Allison Fink own and operate Fordell Farm on Middlebrook Road just outside historic Staunton, Virginia in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  They found their farm in 2005 quite by accident…well maybe fate (see the History page).

Randy was born in Staunton and grew up in the Waynesboro area.  He is a computer geek by trade and farmer for fun!  Allison grew up near D.C. in Maryland.  She moved to Waynesboro after college to work for Hershey Chocolate.  DCCU is now her work home, and the farm is where her heart lies.

Quaint, miniature stone house acquired years ago by Charles Crafton.

Randy and Allison love working on their 115 year old farmhouse, tending their gardens and caring for their animals. With their alpacas they learned all about fiber, yarn, roving and even showing their animals in alpaca shows. The chickens came later “just for eggs” and the Finks have sold eggs, chicks and layer hens. There are several friendly cats that roam the farm along with their faithful dog Molly.

Come to Fordell Farm and experience hospitality just like grandma’s house.  Take a swing on the front porch, chase the chickens, savor some homemade jam, relax and breathe deeply.  It’s here…just waiting for you.

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